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11+ Businesses to Start in the Pandemic, and grow beyond

Are you thinking of what business to start in this pandemic? There are many other people that would love to start another business. In this post, I would be sharing 10 ideas of businesses you can start in this season, and sustain even beyond.

One of the questions people are asking in the COVID-19 pandemic is about the business they can start in this season, and beyond. Certainly, this question is a necessary one. This is because a lesson we have learnt from this season is that having multiple streams of income is important.

As many people have lost their jobs, and many others are at the risk of losing theirs, jobs must be created.

It may not be enough to be an employee any more, you can also have a business where you would be your own boss. And even if you are presently an employer or self-employed, trust me, a multiple stream is a great idea, if not a necessity at this time.

So, let’s get to this. What other business can you start now? There are several options, depending on your taste, technical know-how, passion, etc.

But one thing is important, virtual businesses have a great potential of being successful in this season. Why? The simple reason is that no physical contact may be needed absolutely. You would agree with me, that this season is conducive for virtual businesses. And the truth is that you can start yours today.

To this end, a large part of the ideas that would be shared in this post are virtual businesses. That is not to say you cannot start a business that require physical contact, as some of them would also be discussed. However, you are advised to stay safe in implementing them.

Fasten your seatbelt and let’s fly.

  1. Blogging

The first virtual business idea I would like to discuss with you is blogging. With blogging, there is actually no limit to how much you can make and how you make it.

A blog can be said as a collection of webpages that discusses an idea, or ideas, whether related or unrelated. A person that writes on a blog is called a blogger.

A blog may be all there is to a website, or exist as just a part of it.

So, how does blogging work? When a blog is all around a particular idea, it is in that particular niche. For example, a blog in the tech-niche may only talk on topics that are related to tech. There are many other niche, from religion, to literature, gist, entrepreneurship, agriculture, arts, entertainment, politics, news etc.

That been said, you can also start a blog that is multi-niche in nature. Although, it is not advised that you do this if you want to make money quick enough, and you don’t have great audience base. But the website you’re currently on (PRINCIOLOGY.COM) is an example of a multi-niche website.

So, after you might have decided on what to write about, you can go on and own a blog. You can start a blog on free platforms (like Blogger) for as little as zero naira, but you must also know that free does not always mean fun. And free with fun may not be fine.

If you want to make good income blogging, you might have to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

How do you make money with blogging?

There are several ways you can make money from your blog. If you get people really reading what you post, you can go into affiliate marketing. This is helping to sell other people’s product through links from pages on your blog.

Also, it is possible you are seeing things like Advertisement on this webpage, this is because here at PRINCIOLOGY.COM we use Google AdSence. AdSense is a way you can make steady income from your blog without worrying much. Ads can be automatically placed on your website, and at specific locations.

How do you get visitors to your blog?
You can get family members, friends, colleagues etc. to visit your website often. But much more than that, you can also get visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. There are several other means to get visitors to your blog, including through Forums like Nairaland.

If you would like to start a self-hosted website, which is advised, you can contact us on WhatsApp – 08085505962, or send us a mail @ princiology2@gmail.com, for further discussion, assistance, and business.

You can also see my post on how to start a monetary website/blog for more explanation on this.

You can buy your host and domain in naira from Domainking.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

  1. Web design/ Web Development

These are opportunities that are opened, and even more at this time.

As many people are planning to create websites and apps for their businesses or personal use at this time, you can create, design or develop for them, and make good income.

So, instead of having a blog where people can read about a particular topic or a range of some, you can create websites or apps for people and still be making your money.

The primary thing to becoming a web designer or web developer is to learn the art. You can get a book, follow a blog’s newsletter, attend online classes, watch Youtube Videos, or meet in person with someone knowledgeable in the field you would like to go into.

You can charge as high as #38,000 for coding a website, or building an app, depending on the feature such a website or app is to have – its complexity.

Check out this website to learn web development – W3Schools.

  1. Vlogging

Like Blogging, Vlogging is another income generating business you can go into.

While blogging involves writing or posting for people to read, basically, vlogging is about posting vidoes for people to watch.

You can start vlogging on a popular video-based website like Youtube. You can teach people from your videos, gain their confidence, and then sell a product to them.

You can also run advertisements on your YouTube videos, and make your money from there.

The means may be endless, there is really no limit to how far you can go.

  1. Content Creation/ Freelance Writing

I am taking these two along and giving them to you together.

Instead of creating your own website and, perhaps, waiting for it grow, you can go into creating content for existing organizations, associations, newspapers, magazines etc.

You can place a good price on your skill, depending on how good you are.

You can also write articles, stories and other write-ups for people based on their demand.

Upwork or Freelancer are options of where to start a good freelance job.

You can get as high as $100 and more from a foreign blog or magazine for a really nice post.

  1. Product/ Content Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

Contents would not generate income if they are not marketed well.

Another line of business you can consider in this season is helping people to market their product or content, and getting a commission for doing so.

If a product from a company is sold through you, you might get a percentage of the price paid for the purchase of that product.

You can simply help organizations market their product through your social media accounts, or website. This would work like uploading the picture of a product on your WhatsApp status, people request, and then they buy from the company through your affiliate link.

  1. Ebooks

If you have some helpful knowledge about a particular topic or theme, why not write an ebook about it and publish it.

If the content of your ebook is really helpful and needed, you would sell.

Writing an ebook does not have to be as hard as you may think. Just a step at a time and you would be surprised at how much you can write and teach.

Okadabooks is a good place to sell you Ebooks, as well as stories.

I have my second novel published on Okadabooks already, titled “Things Form Again (a village of no man).” You can check it out and consider buying. It’s a good novel, trust me.

  1. Podcast/ Online Courses

A podcast is a series of audio records produced or being produced at regular interval, for a particular audience.
You can also advertise products, goods and services from your podcast like it is done on radio programmes.

Moreover, you can also begin an online course and get paid for teaching people what you know. You could use WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom or other platforms for meetings, after people have registered.

But remember that TRUST is a criteria for good business.

  1. Delivery

A very good business to be committed to in this season is that which involves delivery of Goods.

As the times are, many people may still not want to move around, let alone go to crowded places like the market, and that’s how you come in.

You can deliver goods like foodstuffs to people who order for them, even directly to their doorstep, and deduct your commission from an increased price.

  1. Production and Sale: Face Masks, Hand Sensitizer etc.

Another busniness opportunity that must not be overlooked is going into the production and/ or sale of equipments that are highly needed in this season, such as face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves etc.

  1. Agriculture

Now and always, agriculture remains a lucrative business for you and I. The production of food and cash crop is needed like always, and perhaps, more.

In increasing your stream of income, consider going into farming, including the rearing of livestocks, poultry, fishery, snailery, etc.

  1. Online School/ Tutorials

We can be particular about this. If schools have not yet resumed where you live, starting an online tutorial centre or school for students is a great idea you should consider implementing.

You might consider making audio or video productions, depending on your audience.

Like online courses mentioned above, Zoom and YouTube is a great place to start online video school for students. There are also other alternatives.

However, available social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram etc. can also be used.

  1. Learn a new Skill

In starting a new business, and becoming a successful entrepreneur, you should consider learning something new or improving what you already know.

Getting jobs related bricklaying, welding, plumbing, etc. are other means to start making money in this season.


Having said all, somebody may need exactly what you think is valueless now to increase their standard of living.

So, why don’t you put a price tag on it and monetize what you have and know, while you try to know more.

If this post have helped you in any way, drop a comment below to let us know. Also, share with friends – help us reach more people.


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