How to Pass JAMB (11 Good Steps to Passing Jamb)

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JAMB UTME is not insurmountable. This article is aimed at teaching you ways on how to pass Jamb successfully.

It is no news whatsoever that the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an examination that every aspirant of any tertiary institution in Nigeria must pass, in order to get admission into their desired tertiary institutions.

This is an examination that has been around since 1978. Approximately, over 1.5 million candidates take the exam every year.

Unfortunately, only a low percentage of this figure score above 200 every year. While a lower percentage score above 250.

I guess at this juncture, I would like to beg your pardon. Let me not call the examination UTME, like I should really, but JAMB, like we all do.

This post is meant to enlighten anyone preparing to write JAMB on the steps to passing the examination.

If you are, stay glued to your screen. If not, get this post to someone who is. Be it known to you that you can score above 300 in Jamb, but you do have to read well. I do not think you can pass an examination like JAMB without studying, unless you are planning to involve in one form of examination malpractice or the other. The truth be told, you have to study well to really pass JAMB.

Any form of examination malpractice is not advised. Do not look for JAMB cheat websites; and if you are, stop it. You can do this without cheating; but you really do need to prepare well. Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

So, here we go. Here are some good steps to passing JAMB.

  1. Trust God.
  2. Know that you can do it.
  3. Set a Goal.
  4. Get the syllabus.
  5. Plan and plan well.
  6. Get knowledge with understanding.
  7. Be careful of the fallacy of Hasty Generalization.
  8. Past questions help.
  9. Understand Jamb questions.
  10. Connect with others like you.
  11. Be wise.

1. Trust God

Don’t despise this yet, it is very important. I know a lot of writers say this as their last point, and I was going to as well.

But how can I tell you to put God first, if I put Him last. Listen, you will pass JAMB, God wants you to.

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And when you do, you will recognise that your success in JAMB is just a means to where God is taking you. God has a huge vision beyond JAMB for you my dear.

Don’t lose a soup for a tomato. For it is written, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path.

Since Jamb has actually started and you have less time to do other things that I may discuss, I want you to pay high attention to this point. God helps, he does.

If you get my gist, run with it.

2. Know that you can do it (You do need Confidence to Pass Jamb Well)

The paper failure of a lot of students, at times, is a mare representation of what has long existed in their hearts.

Get rid of all forms and ramifications of fear, before they get rid of your result. Even if you have tried and failed before, do not be afraid. You are just about to make the history of success. And if its your first time, JAMB is not insurmountable.

Millions of students have passed over the years. I know it’s natural and logical to feel some squeeze here and there. But never allow the tension to get over you.

You were created to be great. Face your books with confidence. Assimilate in peace. Sit with success, and walk off in flying colours.

3. Set a Goal Score 

Beloved,since you know that the total mark of Jamb is four hundred (400), you should set your goal too. How do you do this? Get the cut-off mark of the course you wish to study and add sixty marks to it.

So, let’s say the cut-off mark of Law for OAU is 280. If you are planning to write Jamb and get enrolled to study this course in OAU, you should set a goal as high as 340.

Setting a goal helps in your preparations. It aids in putting yourself on a scale and confirming your standard and rate.

If you have set a goal, you can write it in a piece of paper and put it on a wall in your room. This is just to always remind you of your goal. After setting a goal, what’s next?

4. Get the Syllabus

Reading for JAMB is quite different from reading for your school examinations. You know, you may be given AOC and stuffs.

The only area of concentration you can get for JAMB is the syllabus.Don’t joke with it. Know the topics that are identified in the syllabus for your subjects, and learn them.

You may download the syllabus online if you do not have the hardcopy. And when you read a topic, make sure you read the sub-topics beneath it as well. You may go further to read other related topics, just in case.

5. Plan and Read well (Good Planning helps to Pass Jamb)

Having gotten a good grasp on the list of topics and sub-topics you have to read, move forward to get the best of comprehensive and amplified textbooks you can get.

Don’t deceive yourself my friend. If would do a subject in JAMB, don’t start reading key-points. This is not WAEC.

Always remember that the questions would be objectives. There would be no place to use background knowledge in developing points. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

This may have worked in NECO, it doesn’t in JAMB. This should lead me to my next point.

6. Get Knowledge with Understanding: Jamb is not Tough, be Thorough

If you would answer questions on four subjects in JAMB, please do not focus on one at the detriment of the other.

One of the mistakes students make is to think that one subject is easier than the other in JAMB.

Put the reading for all your subjects on adequate paces. It may not certainly be equality, but let there be equity. C.R.S in JAMB is as hard as ENGLISH, trust me, I’ve been there.

And if you think its easy and cheap, your result may shock you. Do not depend on your fundamental and ‘key-points’ knowledge, get textbooks and materials that speak loud and clear.

7. Be careful of the fallacy of Hasty Generalization: Jamb is cunning

Another mistake students make when they plan for JAMB, is that they jump into conclusions. Don’t assume you know if you don’t. Substitution may be the easiest topic in Mathematics, my friend, go over it again.

I know you know Demand and Supply, who doesn’t. But love, read it once more, and more comprehensively this time. Do not jump into conclusion.

8. Past Questions Help in Passing Jamb

Well, I guess this is not the first time you are getting to know about past questions. They are good. Unfortunately, some students read past questions than they read their books, this is bad.

Past questions are meant to give you an insight into how questions are formulated, not to replace your books.

Can questions be repeated? Yes! But know for certain, that there are more questions out there than has been set.

So, even if JAMB needs 1000 new questions today, they are already available. Just imagine, with the numbers of teachers, doctors, and professors we have all over Nigeria. Make the right choice!

9. Understand JAMB questions: The answer may not be so obvious

Gone are the days when straightforward questions were asked, if they existed. These are days of subtle and deceptive questions.

Don’t expect JAMB to ask you simple and palpable questions, we’ve gone beyond that.

Let me take English for an example. That people say it doesn’t mean it is correct. Check out this question from an English material, perhaps, JAMB may use it.

Our newspapers always publish short extracts from new novels to _______your appetite. (a) wet (b) weight (c) whet

Now, I do not expect anybody to pick option (b). But many students would be misled, and because of popular usage, pick option (a), which is wrong.

The correct answer is option (c). JAMB asks more difficult questions than this. Don’t be afraid, don’t be misled, and you would get it correctly.

10. How to Pass Jamb Successfully: Connect

If you cannot keep the track by yourself, connect with other people – it’s not a bad idea. If you have a clique already, make sure it is fulfilling the purpose for which it was created. Peer influence is best, when used wisely and correctly.

11. Be wiser than Jamb: Pass UTME with ease.

Keep things that you can do after your JAMB still after your JAMB. After your examination, you would have enough time to watch that movie, follow that season, tweet the world, disturb Facebook, weak Whatsapp, watch YouTube, etc.

Don’t do things that can cause long term regrets, darling, be very wise. In all, it is fundamental that we get back to our first point, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding.

UTME is an examination, not a destination. If you have really read this post to this point, you have the potential to pass JAMB.

Just put that potential to work as discussed, get to that centre and fulfil your dreams.

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    1. Hello James, thanks for your question. Studying is a rigorous act that cannot be performed unconsciously.

      The best way to study is to start studying.

      I know that sounds weird, but some things can only be learnt while they are done. The more you study, the more you discover the best way for you to study.

      Try to figure out the best setting for your study – place, time, sound, etc.

      Be deliberate about developing a good study habit, with unwavering consistency.

      I wish you success.

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