Impact of Gender on Human Performance

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Impact of Gender on human Performance

Our gender determines how productive we are going to be to some extent. Every individual is different. – This post is on the impact of gender on human performance.

Nevertheless gender often plays an important role in determining how individuals behave in an organization. Males and females typically have different traits.

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Knowledge of these traits helps individuals, particularly those of opposite genders, to work effectively together in an organization.

In general, men work on the basis of conveying and gaining information. Focus is directed to the task at hand and the information necessary to complete it, instead of developing relationship and communicating their feeling about the task. As leaders, men make decisions based on strategy and procedure rather than considering their feelings or intuition.

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According to a study presented at the 2009 forum on public policy, men are more likely than women to engage in unethical behavior in workplace. The competitive nature of men in the workplace and the desire to work out solutions based on number and benefit support this idea.

More about Impact of Gender on Human Performance

According to the book “leadership and sexes”, women are more likely to multi task than men and, therefore, to roam-off topic during a meeting. During negotiations and meetings, women tend to read facial expressions and feelings better than men.

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While most men are likely to spend a meeting taking notes and not making eye contact, women frequently make eye contact with the speaker and nod their understanding.

They also prefer to discuss problems in details before finding a solution and typically speak more during the day than men. As leaders, women are often more intuitive than their male counterparts. Focusing less on strategy and procedure when it comes to making decision.


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