Juliana Olayode: Toyosi in Jenifa’s Diary Biography – Childhood, Profile & Story

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Juliana Olayode Biography

Toyosi (Olayode Juliana) is well known as Toyobaby because of the phenomenal display of her role in Jenifa’s diary. Still on Juliana Olayode biography.

She acted as Jenifa’s (Funke Akindele) roommate in the TV series.

This article is about Juliana Olayode’s biography.

Juliana Olayode was brought up in Lagos State, Nigeria, born into a family of eight.

This gorgeous star is from Ipokia local government of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Toyosi in Jenifa’s Diary TV Series

She published her biography titled ‘Rebirth‘ in 2017. And this would serve as a major point of reference for this post.

From her very birth, life wasn’t ready to occupy such a star as Juliana.

She narrates how her mother turbulently gave birth to her as she writes, “She was in labour for three days! She kept seeing a black cat and every time she saw it, she lost her strength.

The strange thing was that she was the only one seeing the cat. The midwives did not see it.

So, they began to think something was wrong with her.

Childhood: Olayode Juliana Biography Story

Juliana Olayode was born at C.A.C. (Christ Apostolic Church), Oke-Iyanu, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Her soul-lifting story started when her father sent her mum packing from his house.

She writes, “Growing up, for me, was fun until my dad and mum separated.”

This separation led to a lot of distortions in her life and that of her siblings.

Who could live well without the full care of a mother?

It is relatively certain, through her story, that Juliana Olayode knew the Lord, even while she was young.

She told of how she prayed for her father, and also felt the peace of God after praying for her mother. “My dad always had a soft spot for me; we were close.

In those days, when he wanted to submit a quotation for a job, he would tell my mum to pray over it.

After my mum had prayed, he would bring it to me to do same. He believed in my prayers.

I would say I was my dads second wife.”


Sexual assault: Juliana Olayode biography

While still in the first year of her primary education, Juliana was a victim of sexual assult.

A man in her neighbourhood abused her.

Not for once, not even twice, but as often as he could. Someday, the man’s friend also joined in the process.

Juliana writes that she prayed against this, and that the Lord made it stop.

The man became ill, and was subsequently taken to his village. She says, “God answered my prayer!”

Five years after her parent’s separation, Juliana’s father brought in a new woman. And the real hardship was just yet to begin.

First, Juliana’s father ordered their relocation from Lagos to Ogun State, Nigeria.

The division in the family expanded as Adetutu, one of her sisters, would not yield to the call.

The business of Juliana’s father became less successful day after day, until it crumbled.

Juliana Olayode Biography: Early Life Issues

Living on the proceeds from the business of her stepmother was very bad. There were days they could not afford good food at all.

She writes thus, “There were days we had nothing to eat and there were days we lived solely on Garri; we ate a lot of Garri (Eba) and Ewedu in those days.

I have never liked Ewedu, I still do not. So, whenever the family was eating Eba and Ewedu, I soaked Garri instead.”

Juliana Olayode and her brother, Samson, soon stopped schooling. To worsen matter, they started selling sachets of water to people on a construction site.

And they then added snacks to balance the sales.

Toyobaby biography: Streets Experience

When they were stopped from hawking in the construction site, Juliana Olayode and her brother took to the streets.

They had a lesson teacher, but that didn’t last long. Juliana’s responsibility doubled when her stepmother gave birth to her second child.

Soon enough, because of the hardship, she had chicken pox all over her. And then hawking advanced to begging on the street.

Juliana Olayode had many other profusely turbulent times in her life, even when she started leaving with her mother again.

She missed her chance to get tertiary education at a time in her life, because her mother could not raise the acceptance fee, tuition and other necessary payment before the deadline.

And afterwards she lost another opportunity to study abroad.

For yet another time, Juliana was a victim of complete sexual assaults, somehow self-willed but innocently.

After this incident, another false prophet wanted to take advantage of her.

Olayode Juliana
Olayode Juliana in black and hat

She was even labelled by some people as having seductive spirit.

In her words, “I kept remembering the words that were spoken over me at that time, your own daughter would do same to you, you have a seductive spirit, you are from the marine world, you are cheap and more.

Those words became my constant companions and destroyed my self-esteem.”

The Transformation: Biography of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode then met a couple she calls, ‘TiTiMi Adigun’, who took her into their house. Her saving faith heightened graciously from there.

After other failed attempts to get admission into a tertiary institution, Juliana Olayode went into acting.

Thereafter she participated in an episodic comical movie known as Jenifa’s Diary.

It was then that fame was all over her, as she acted as ‘Toyosi’ or more suitably ‘Toyo baby,’ in the award-winning humorous TV series, led by Funke Akindele, a popular Nigerian actress.

Biography of Toyobaby: She rises

Today, Juliana Olayode has risen to stardom, a simple definition of ‘from grass to grace.’

Though many other things happened behind the scene that I cannot mention, the difficulties I have highlighted are enough to derail a man from his dreams.

Juliana has risen so fast in nollywood, and has participated in so many movies.

These movies include Where Does Beauty Go, Rivers Between, Life of Disaster, Move on, Bridezilla, The Cokers, among many others.

It is no gainsaying to mention now that Juliana Olayode is currently worth hundred thousands of US dollars.

Juliana Olayode in native, smiling
Juliana Olayode in native, smiling

I know to follow your dream may be somehow hard, but place attention to this fact.

Other people up there have their stories as well, yours is not the first. Things may seem they won’t work, but hold on tight and you’ll succeed.

Don’t let go before your manifestation. Do not give up too soon. You will succeed – let God hold your hands. You are blessed.

Sexual Purity Activist: Olayode Juliana Biography

More? Juliana Olayode is a sexual purity activist. There have been some question on whether or not she is a virgin. She’s not.

Notwithstanding she is committed to promoting sexual purity. In her book ‘Rebirth’, she shares the story of how she lost her virginity.

You should read the book, if you haven’t.

In all, Juliana Olayode is phenomenal, a star in Nollywood – intriguing actress, and sexual purity advocator.






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