Travis Greene: Intentional Singer Biography, Childhood, Awards and Story

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Travis Greene Biography

The Grammy and Stellar Award nominated artist, American gospel musician and Pastor, and the phenomenal vocalist of ‘Intentional’ and ‘Made a way’, Travis Montorius Greene, was born on the 17th of January, 1984. – Travis Greene biography.

He is the voice behind ‘Intentional – 2015’, ‘Made a way – 2016’, ‘You waited – 2017’, and others.

He is also a co-singer of the hit song ‘Nara- 2018’, alongside Tim Godfrey. The name of his wife is Jacqueline Gyamfi Greene.

Biography of Travis Greene

The biography of Travis Greene seems quite unbelievable.

He was declared dead twice while he was young, even before kindergarten.

The impact of his mother, Charleather Greene, also deserves to be talked about.

Travis Greene is a phenomenal American gospel singer, songwriter, musician and pastor. Still on Travis Greene biography.

He has, since his presence in the musical world, successfully changed the tone of gospel music.

To this effect, Kirk Franklin referred to him as one of those artists who are the future of gospel music.

Travis Greene Intentional

Travis Greene released the song ‘Intentional’ in 2015. The song is about the faithfulness of God in the challenges of life.

Travis Greene would say, “It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you.”

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It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say here that this stunning singer and admirable songwriter as being all over the world. Rebroadcasting the love and goodness of God through his music.

I love Travis Greene, and I guess you do too. Still on Travis Greene biography.

He tells of the grace which he had himself received from God. And yes, his story speaks for itself, reverberating the place of grace, favour and hope in the misfortunes of life.

Travis Greene biography
The biography of Travis Greene is one of the most inspiring ones I have read. It’s so phenomenal.

The story of Travis Greene starts

Twice in his lifetime, Travis Greene has been pronounced dead, even before his entrance into kindergarten.

The first miraculous event occurred during the very birth of this music legend. Travis arrived on planet earth, still-born, and immediately they declared him dead.

But his mother, Minister Charleather Greene, raised her voiced and cried to God. God answered her prayers and brought Travis back to life. A big miracle it is in the biography of Travis Greene.

Travis puts this thus, during an interview with Jet Magazine, “When I was born, my mother said that I wasn’t breathing.

My skin colour was purple, and doctors immediately said that I was stillborn. My mother and father just started praying and believing God, and he performed a miracle.”

The miracle at his birth was the first Travis Greene had on earth. But this he cannot obviously give an accurate account of.

The second one was to Travis’s full knowledge, conscious and unconscious. Travis Greene profile on New Release Today speaks also.

Travis Greene Biography

Travis Greene

The second wonder: Biography of Travis Greene

At the age of four, Travis fell out of the window of the family’s fourth floor apartment located in Germany. His mother was told of Travis’ fall by an informant.

But before she could make it to the scene, a white sheet had already been pulled over her son’s face.

In his words, Travis said, “They (the rescue team) got my body and they covered me with white shirt. They said it was over (again) and the doctors pronounced me dead.”

Travis Greene Made a Way

(This song ‘Made a Way’ by Travis Greene was released in 2016. It went so viral that it became an anthem on the lips of singers.

It is about the mighty hand of God to save and make ways out of life troubles.

Click to view the lyrics of Made a Way by Travis Greene.)

Once again, Travis’s mother picked up the lifeless body of her son. She cried out the name of Jesus over and over again until Travis came back to life.

“But then, my mother came, she picked up my lifeless body and prayed to God to give me my life. He did it.”

Biography of Travis Greene: The Experience

Notably, this incident happened in the natural world. But back then in the supernatural world was an occurrence that only Travis could tell us of.

When Travis fell from the window, he had an experience that he would never forget, and that we should always remember.

Taking this in Travis’ direct words, “I said mom I remember falling, but I never hit the ground. Right before I hit the ground, a man with a big hand caught me but I couldn’t see his face.

I heard a voice and he said, ‘Do you want to go with your mama?’ I looked at him and said I want my mom.

He said, ‘Okay, this time you are going, but next time, you will come with me.’ And I looked up I asked what his name wasHe looked back and said, ‘Son, my name is Jesus’.”

The story of Travis Greene continues

In 1989, Travis’ father died of an aneurysm, and then he became very zealous about music. In his words, “It was God’s way of giving me an escape from tragedy and crisis. I turned to the keyboard instead of to drugs and to the streets.

Any instrument I put my hands on I was able to play.” Travis Green participated in his mother’s ministry, and thereby got the opportunity to master more instruments, and apparently developed self-discovery.

While in college, a Pastor heard Travis sing and instantly named him worship leader.

Travis Greene walking and smiling
Biography of Travis Greene

Travis Greene – Musician

Skill and talent of Travis Greene

With his discovered skill in singing and instruments, Travis worked passionately for God at Georgia Southern University, breaking the strongholds of darkness on campus.

“I saw first-hand in the clubs and at the campus parties what sin can do to you are blinded by it.

The sexual activities, alcohol, and drugs were some of the strongholds on the campus.

Because of all of the rampant negativity, I would walk round the campus and just love on the kids and send out 300 text messages to come to church service on Sunday mornings.”

Travis Greene You Waited

The song “You Waited” by Travis Greene is a wonderful debut, inspirational song.

It is about how the Lord Jesus saved us when we were yet sinners. Click to view the lyrics of ‘You Waited’ by Travis Greene.

Travis Greene Started His Music Career so Well

He saved hundreds of souls while he was on campus. Travis Greene began his full music career in 2007 with the release of ‘The More’ via Greenlight Records.

Still now, he has released some studio albums, ‘stretching out’ in 2010.

‘The Hill’ in 2015, and an extended play, ‘Intentional’ in 2015. His third album ‘crossover: Life from Music City’ was released in 2017 as a live album.

He is now a world renown gospel musician and pastor, winning souls and saving nations.

He has been nominated for multiple awards, including 2 Grammy Awards and 13 Stellar Awards. Along with his wife, he leads Forward City Church in Colombia, South Carolina.

Biography of Travis Greene
Here is the Family of Travis Greene (2018)

Travis Greene and Jackie Welcomes Thrird Child

It is reported that Travis Greene and his wife, Dr jacqueline Gyamfi Greene welcomed their third child – a baby boy in April, 2019. The name of their new son, as reported, is Judah. See image below.

Travis greene & Jackie welcomes third child
Travis Greene welcomes third child

Over all – conclusion: Biography of Travis Greene

Travis Greene has taken it upon his shoulders as a personal responsibility to expose this generation to the glory of God. The anchor scripture for him is Romans 8:28.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God. And to those who are called according to His purpose.”

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