VISION Panacea for a Rudderless Nigeria

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Vision – Panacea for a rudderless Nigeria: The Solution to the Problems of Nigeria

Who do not want our problems solved? Well if you do, stay tuned. This article speaks of solution to the problems of Nigeria.

With immense undeniable effect of a monumental cogitation, I cast my mind back to about fifty-five years ago, without any impediment and directly to the ‘Freedom March’ in Washington, DC. Artistically, I stand beside the then American Baptist minister and hear him pronounce ferociously, “I have a dream!”

Solution to the problems of Nigeria
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Vision is any imaginative reality produced out of far-sightedness. It is the radical aptitude to fiercely anticipate possible future event and development.

These definitions are not in any way to deny the fact that the word ‘vision’ is fantastically ambiguous. But its realistic meaning for the topic above can expressly and explicitly be regarded as ‘a dream,’ or broadly, ‘a goal.’

Tumbling back to the first-class and terrific words of Martin Luther King Jr., he asserted without an iota of suspicion, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Vision: Solution to the Problems of Nigeria

And decades after this speech, the reality of its fulfilment is relatively undeniable. At its climax, Barack Obama, a visionary from a generation of people that were once considered nothing but slaves, attained the office of the first man in the United States of America.

Vision is then undoubtedly a ‘Panacea’. Vision as an object of affirmative sightedness is highly a cure, solution, answer and remedy for any form of physical, mental, or psychological enchantment. The key to a lasting liberation starts with having a vision.

A vision that serves as a panacea is not just an imaginative expression of sensory impression, but a system of formal and informal processes that serve as a means to an end. The problem-solving ability of a vision serves as a roadmap, leading straightforwardly to the desired result.

Solution for Nigeria: History

Nigeria as a making of the British Government, several decades ago, has been struggling since its amalgamation for true emancipation.

The celebration of independence in October, 1960, served as a formal declaration for the end of colonization, but it’s rather heart-breaking to come to the unhelping realization that the country, after all these years, is still entangled in the shackles of neo-colonialism.

Solution to the Problems of Nigeria
History of colonization in Africa

What more can we say about the disobliging attitude of our leaders, who see the place of authority as a right to annex more of the national cake for their advantage, rather than fulfilling their electoral manifestos, keeping their promises, and sharing the national cake in the right national way.

Bad, or unfruitful, leadership has aided, to a great extent, in keeping the poor country out of any form of beneficial, durable, and logical development. It is not then inappropriate, as a noble Nigerian said, to describe Nigeria as, ‘a land of law and disorder.’

To worsen matters, insecurity permeates the whole system of our state. Ethnicity drives home the infuriating degree of decadence we experience day to day.

Tribalism on its own as shown to be nothing less than blur racism. Corruption has almost overturned the ship of our poor state. What a case!

Without the syntactic struggle of more words, Nigeria as a country is nothing but rudderless. The state of degradation in this country has proven to be beyond the empirical ability of our political intellectuals.

Solutions to the Problems of Nigeria: Vision

The best of our partisan seers now give nothing than instant solution to the state of the state’s gigantic problems.

These flimsy solutions help none of the problems. And even when they do, it is only for a meagre section of our magnificent territory. It is hence no form of pessimism to say that our great country is rudderless.

But there is hope! For we can still apply the healing ointment of vision. We need visionaries to see into the future, and give us the clearest of all possible roadmaps. For the root of genuine development is the development a perfectly plausible vision.

The setting of broadly based goals. You know, goals that apply to all ill sector of the country is the commencement of real progress. Enough of partisan policies, tribalism, and self-denial.

With a functioning vision, the realization of economic inclusion, social justice and national integration will not be farfetched.

“A vision,” once said a man, “is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves. A call to become something more.”

The Problems of Nigeria: Solution
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I mean to state unequivocally that what more can help a dying nation like ours. If not a clear vision.

And even as I sit behind these words, I can think of no other shortcut but vision. As a panacea and solution for a rudderless Nigeria.

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